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Rulebook Advisor

Rulebooks are my speciality. I have a background in writing  (with  a B.A. in English and a Higher Diploma, Masters and 4 years of a Philosophy PhD.) Hence I know my way around definitions, clear statements or arguments, explaining complex ideas in simple ways and generally making a document easier to read and understand. This is why I’m a good person for testing your rules out on, as someone looking from the outside in but who is also familiar with board games. I’ll give you feedback on how well the rules are laid out, how easy they are to follow and anything else preventing people from understanding your game.

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Antoinette has been fantastic to work with. Her eye for detail and insightful feedback were a godsend for us in preparing our rule book. I really can’t recommend her service highly enough!

Kris Rees, Founder of Blackletter Games

“The feedback is brilliant and on all points. I will be integrating your suggestions and pointers into the rules document. Your feedback is clear and easy to understand and you caught a lot of things that would have gotten past me.”

Have a Cow – Carl Salminen, N20 Games

“This is actually really good feedback. “

Wings of the Eve – Keith D. Franks