Good Owl Games is all about helping you find the perfect games to play!
Monthly Roundup April 2022 – Mini Board Game Reviews

Monthly Roundup April 2022 – Mini Board Game Reviews

Good Owl Games is all about creating board game video reviews to help you find the perfect title for game night!

In this monthly roundup video, we review some of the new and old games in my board game collection.

We discuss new games purchased, the most played games and a little bit of insight into me and the channel. We hope you’ll share your monthly findings with us!

New Games:
01:24​ – Llamaland
04:22​ – Root: The Marauder Expansion
07:28 – Ark Nova
10:23 – Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest
13:37 – Méthodologie: The Murder on the Links

Games I’ve Been Playing:
17:10​ – Reef
20:18​ – Terra Mystica

The Human Portion – 25:29

Check out some more great games to play here:

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