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Monthly Roundup Feb 2019

Monthly Roundup Feb 2019


  1. I’m slowly catching up with your videos… so this may all have been made obsolete by later ones.

    Sorry to see you didn’t get on with Flamme Rouge – there is a certain amount of randomness in it but I find that an early sprint is usually rewarded by lots of exhaustion cards. Still, you have a game you wanted more, so all is well.

    I agree that Villainous is a decent game. If only we could find out who designed it (“Prospero Hall” is just a house name). Personally I try not to buy games that don’t credit the designer; I think the publishers have too much power already.

    V-Commandos: yeah, ideally you need to pick scenarios suited to the number of people playing, so if you want to go through all of them you’ll need to double or triple up sometimes. The thing I really love about it is the timing game: working out when to take chances, when you can afford to wait, and so on.

    1. Board Game Inquisition

      I’m glad to see you back! It’s a been a while now since I tackled Flamme Rouge and I think our main issue was that we own a number of racing games! Meaning new ones really have to stand out. I can see why people enjoy it but just not my thing. Villainous is an odd one, clearly, it was somebody’s labour of love we just don’t know whose! I quite liked it. V-Commando’s was a bit of a letdown, for me it was a little easy and at two players having to use multiple players cheapens the experience I think. It is a stunning looking game and I like what it’s trying to do but it didn’t tick those boxes.

      Boo to talking about games I didn’t like when there are so many lovelies to be played! Thanks for trekking your way through my videos 🙂


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