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Battle Ravens – Kickstarter Preview

Battle Ravens – Kickstarter Preview


  1. Great intro sequence – and it’s good to see a more even-handed approach than many KS “preview” videos that just go on about why this is the Best Game Ever.

    I’m also glad to see games using standees rather than miniatures; it helps keep the cost down, it reduces box size, and for a non-painter like me they look a lot better. (And you can print a few stats or other markers on them, if the game calls for it.)

    1. Board Game Inquisition

      That intro sequence may have been the death of me 😛 While it didn’t turn out as I would have liked I’m delighted that you enjoyed it! It’s my philosophy not to tell people what they should buy but what I think are the positive and the negative aspects of the game, so they can decide for themselves.

      The standees really are very cool, very few games I own have them. And agreed about the painting, it’s so nice when something comes ready-made!

      Lovely to hear from you again and I appreciate the time you take to watch my content and comment.

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